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I have noticed that there are a number of different sizes to the 1939 Spange. It comes as a pin-on to be mounted above the EKI. It comes as a ribbon bar device to be mounted on top of the 1914 EKII ribbon. It comes as a larger device to be pinned to the buttonhole ribbon, and there seem to be at least two sizes for parade bars. Are there others?

How many 1939 Spangen versions are there and what are their dimensions?

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I have seen several sizes for stick pins,buttonhole ribbons & the 25x25mm Prizen spangen which were an were an option used for mounting on 30mm ribbon and various smaller sizes 5 mm to 16 mm for ribbon bars and stick pins you might find this thread on WAF interesting and if I can get permission I will post a collectors photo chart of various sizes.I hope you find this information useful..

Regards Jon


Ek1 clasp and Buttonhole EK2 1st pattern 11mmx11mm.

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