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Please help identify unknown badge

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Some time ago I saw this badge on ebay. It was described as a replica of an unknown badge, so no help there. I really like the dark green enamel and overall

appearance of the badge, probably because I love all awards and badges which depict industrial facilities (odd, I know. I really have no idea why I like them so much :)). Well, this one really got me but I wasn't able to identify it so I could get one! Now I finally can't take it anymore. Please help me. Does anybody here know what this badge is?

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Purports to be of the Stalin Socialist Realism era but the quality is not, badges from that period are of superb quality, one only has to look at the Moscow Metro badge to see the craftsmanship. I am afraid I have to agree with Nick, it looks a bit of Gorky Park special.


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Could be (and most likely is) a phantasy piece ;)

Oh, come on man, that would be very disappointing! :(

I remember an engraving on the back. It looked like these on many of those pre war labor badges.

Well, for a few bucks I'd even take a fantasy piece if the red enamel wasn't made so crudely ...

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