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Iranian Order of August (Nishan-i- Homāyūn)


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Order of August (a.k.a. the Imperial Order or simply Order of Humayun) was founded by Reza Shah Pahlavi on February 15, 1939. Order had 5 classes and obviously was structured after french Légion d'honneur. The main (and most likely the only) manufacturer of order was french firm Arthus Bertrand (official court jeweler ;)).

It will be interesting to examine different marks that Arthus Bertrand was using through the years.

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Sometimes breast stars and badges of Homāyūn order don’t have ARTHUS-BERTRAND marks, but mark “a wheel gear topped by a star” (although practically unreadable) is always in place (where “place” is pin of the breast star or suspension ring of the badge).

Now let’s examine the order and its variations.

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1st class (Grand Gordon)

All Humayun orders in all (?) classes have two variations by painting of central medallion (number of sun rays)

  • “Five rays” variation

  • “360 degree rays” variation

The most common variation is “Five rays” variation.

Here it is.

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