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Soviet Naval Uniform with Weird Badge- Glows in the dark


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I received this uniform, with a lot of other items, from a friend of mine who recently retired from the Coast Guard. He knows that I collect this stuff and that I would give it a good home. With this lot, came the flag in the background.

Anyway, I would love your thoughts on this set. He picked it up in 1987, during some joint operations. The ship's badge states the sailor was from the Guided Missile Cruiser, Kirov! Cool Stuff!

The strange patch is on the sleeve. Any ideas?

Special thanks to my wife, HoydenR, who took these great photos for me. She freaks out every time I try to take quick pics with my cell phone for posting.

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Hi Honey - you got this back tush-wards.

Kirov is the Military Medical Academy on the Military Academy badge you pinned on the Officer's jacket in the other thread.

This pin says KTOF, I think it's a Guided Missile Cruiser from the Pacific Fleet.

The band on the cover says тихоокеанский флот, tikhookeanskiy flot or Pacific Fleet.

I questioned if the white cover would have been worn with this jumper as the covers are typically the same color as the jumper, but as it all came together, Paul wanted me to shoot it together.

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hmmm this is just a guess but it could be a retirement uniform. When NCOs and Officers retired from the Navy they used to kit out their uniforms in "fancy" attire, I've only seen it on military NCO uniforms but they make and buy crazy patches, it lets everyone know in town that they are "retiring" from service, it can get you a couple more drinks in town I'm suspecting :D

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