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Diamonds Are A Bavarian Colonel's Best Friend

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There were only 118 "KO2mBr" awards from 1861 to January 1913. This was the ONLY such award in 1886.

Carl/Karl Jakob Harrach had received a "normal" KO2 on 30.09.84 as KB Oberst commanding KB Inf Rgt 6 "Kaiser Wilhelm I."

Awards "with brilliants" were not liable to the usual post mortem return requirements--and aren't we all glad of that?

His career, with thanks to arb for the antedeluvian commission dates--

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The then Hauptmann Carl Harrach's entry in "Bayern's Helden- & Ehrenbuch" published in 1872. This book listed all awards to the Bavarian Army during the Franco-German War of 1870/71.



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Hmm , even some from Sweden liked Diamonds , well at least they got the very rare award but if it had real Diamonds I will never know ;)

Here you three gentlemen with the rare Prussian Crown Order

First out August Gustaf Fersen Gyldenstolpe KO1 mBr

Next one is Per Axel Henrik Cavalli KO1 mBr

and last one is GenMaj Gustaf Alarik Bergmann KO2 mBr


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Well, not to go off topic on THIS thread, but many of us are still waiting with great anticipation to see nice sharp fronts and backs on that KO2 "50," since even the combined membership of the Traveling Museum cannot put paws to one.

We shall be gathering from far afield tomorrow, however, and given recent interest in Sparkly Things and miniatures (one "buttoned" oh my!), we'll be seeing lots of goodies so...will be posting next week.

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I think I may have something to add to this old but interesting thread 🙂

@Glenn J: Thanks for the Militärhandbücher!

A bearded man - Hauptmann, Nürnberg, shortly after 1866 - I strongly believe to be Carl Harrach.

Third from left is the "Denkzeichen für das Jahr 1849".





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On 20/03/2020 at 20:59, David M said:

The photo does not strike me as a38 y.o. guy. I sure hope I will look better at that age

Yep, many people aged "faster" back then, life was not as easy as today, disease, bad food, imperfect medicine, alcohol, it all took its toll (especially true for the bearded ones, I guess?) - and today most good looking men never were on campaign let alone had already lost a war at this age, did they? 😉



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