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I suppose the topic should be non Bavarian , because I dont think Bavaria had any Matrosen ;)

Ober Matrosen Artilleristen Ludwig Hinkel got a BMVK 3X in 1916...

I always liked Typical State awards to other states soldiers and now I wonder if anyone could lead me in the right direction ?

Was a Ober Matrosen Artillerist on a ship ? I know there was a Battleship named Bayern and that would be good reason to give him a BMVK 3X , or could he served in another land based unit with some Bavaria connection ?


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Hello Christer.

At the beginning of my reading up on the German aspects of both WW I and WW II I was somewhat surprised to see the fairly large number of service members of the German Navy whose origin lay in "inner" Germany far from access to saltwater. But there seems to be some attraction to serve at sea for people from everywhere. But as Rick pointed out probably serving in one of the many units of the Marine Korps in Flanders.

Bernhard H. Holst

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Bavarians named Hinkel were generally from the Palatinate (Pfalz), especially around Pirmasens. The other large concentrations are in Hessen. Those other two red parts in the east are Berlin and, oddly, the Erzgebirgskreis.


Hinkel's award was gazetted in the Verordnungsblatt des Königlich bayerischen Kriegsministeriums on the same day as found on the document, 9 February 1917. It was part of a large number of awards to navy personnel all approved by the king on the same day, 20 December 1916. There are 15 pages of awards of the Military Merit Order and Military Merit Cross of virtually every class, from the MVO 2nd Class with Star and Swords to Vizeadmirals Gerhard Gerdes, Erhard Schmidt and to Wilhelm Souchon all the way down to the MVK 3rd Class with Swords to Seesoldat Emil Hartmann. No units are listed. So Hinkel could have been almost anywhere, from Flanders to a ship to a shore station.

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I wonder if any of our uniform guys have Feldgrau sailors' outfits from the "dirt navy?"

I have a few things, including a navy marked Drillich outfit (jacket and trousers), a navy rucksack, a blue cap with tally from the 2.Matrosen Regiment, a white canvas work jumper and some sleeve ratings on gray cotton. I've been looking for an enlisted gray cotton cap for decades, but have never had the chance to get one.

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