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Combat Service Medal to a Jewish Food Procurement Officer- Super low SN

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Registration form

Awarding booklet # A-826450

Solomon Marcovich
Senior lieutenant of quartermaster service
Date of birth – 1895
Place of birth – Vitebsk city
Communist party member since 1944
Education – high school
Nationality – Jew
Served in Red Army since July of 1941
Last military service place and position – 10th Guards Army, chief of foodstuffs service
Present occupation – Molotov city, chief of supply department of forest protection organization
Address – Molotov city, Students street 5, apt.1

Red Star order #884426, document #B 617995, order of 10th Guard Army #125/n from 3d of November 1944

Combat merit medal #127637, document v/u 278324, order of 13th engineering-mine brigade #029 from 31st of December 1942


Freidman Solomon Marcovich
Red Army enlisted man
162nd engineering-mine battalion

Recommended to awarding by “Combat merit” medal

Birth date 1895
Nationality – Jew
Serving in Red Army since 5th of July 1941
Serving in Fighting Army since December of 1941
Never wounded
Never awarded before
Called up to military service by Vitebsk military commissariat of Belorussian SSR
Home address: Vitebsk city, Pioneer str. 35

Statement of a personal combat feat or merits.

Comrade Freidman worked in Army management of ware and food service – 21 as a warehouse manager.
From January 1942 to December of 1942 he worked as a chief of base of 35th engineer brigade. For this period he provided uninterrupted supply of our battalions worked with fighting troops on Pola river (April-May of 1942) and Semenovshina (October-November of 1942). In May- June of 1942 comrade Freidman worked in hard combat conditions under blows of enemy aircrafts, but he never allowed any interruptions in battalions supply.
During enemies aircrafts blows in Krestsi (June of 1942) comrade Freidman saved all brigade foodstuffs and delivered them to battalions in time.
Comrade Freidman is initiative, resourceful, never lost himself in a combat situation.
He is politically well developed, understands an international situation. He proved by his work his devotion to Lenin-Stalin party and our Motherland.
Comrade Freidman is worthy to be awarded by “Combat merit” medal.

Brigade engineer, major of engineer service

II The conclusion of the highest chiefs

I award him by “Combat merit” medal
Deputy to commander of 13th engineering-mine brigade of HCR major Smirnov
31 of December 1942

Mark about awarding
Was awarded by “Combat merit” medal #127637
Order of 13th engineering-mine brigade of HCR
#029 from 31 of December 1942

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A nice "small suspension" medal updated to the M1943 ribbon. A rather terse description... for what was really dodging Stukas and artillery with pots of soup in both hands out in the open. Far more heroic than it sounds...

everybody ELSE was in trenches!

IF he was an officer, and IF this was 1944... it wouldn't be this lowest level award. Just another example of how UNDER-decorated early war Soviet troops were and how deflated decorations became after the tide had turned.

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