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WEIMAR Another mysterious unofficial cross

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I have recently seen the following Weimar era unofficial WW1 Veterans' cross for sale (Deutsches Feld-Ehrenkreuz 1914-1918).

Does anyone know which Veteran Association this cross refers to and what ribbon was it hanging from?

Any info will be most welcome.

Thank you in advance.


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years later, a perfunctory internet search will still yield virtually no information concerning for this award. in 29 years of collecting i have seen very few examples...here's what the ribbon looks like:


i am actually quite impressed with the quality of this 45 mm gilded bronze cross--unmarked but the quality is reminiscent of products from 20s/30s makers such as paul kust or heinrich timm. struck really well with excellent detail; it's rather large compared to other medal bar filler vanity awards whose recipients had to obtain by purchasing themselves from a retailer. here's an example next to another ehrenkreuz, albeit from 1934:




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an interesting bar. When did they have to stop wearing these unofficial medals, if at all. I guess from at least 1935 this was all over with?



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