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Yup--had to BUY Orders to keep them--or go out and buy loose new ones from the official suppliers, just to hand over. That saved ripping up medal bars anyway. These folks must have thought they might wiggle out freebie! :cheeky:

30 Reichsmarks in 1910 was a lot of money. At 4 to the U.S. dollar that was close to an entire week's wage for a 60 hours-week factory slave. Keeping father-in-law's rack intact required surplus income that a lot of widows and orphans faced with unexpected funeral expenses just couldn't meet.

Like bureucrats everywhere (as a reformed one myself :whistle: ) there were all sorts of Official Responses. I've seen demands made for returns 3 days after the recipient died--and Javertian demands into WW2! What good was a returned KO4 to the Third Reich then?

Not-very-funny story: my late guru George Seymour made the mistake, back in the 1980s, of contacting DANISH "Officialdom" concerning the pre-1914 award date for a Dannebrog Order in a WW1 officer's medal bar. The reply was a curt and ruthless demand that Said Order (complete with long ago monarch's cipher--NOT "reusable" :banger: ) be returned, forthwith! :speechless1:

While George never had to hide in the Bolivian Embassy in London... I do believe he never crossed the Danish frontier thereafter....

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What is absolutely mind-boggling is the 1938 statement above that from now on (!) ONLY the illustrated awards were to be .... hunted down and either grabbed or paid for or... death watch was being kept on ALL of them for when repiration stopped!!!!.

According to that text, sleepless bureaucrats had labored through the Weimar Republic into the 5th year of the Thousand Year Reich preparing index cards on every single Prussian Orders holder, who were all to be hunted down and verified as alive/dead/or moved--and from 1938 on the local authorities would be in charge of hunting down recipients and keeping permanent records on them until they died or returned or paid for the awards.

Huff, puff!!!!!

WHERE ARE ALL THESE CARDS???? EVERY CITY, TOWN & VILLAGE IN GERMANY MUST HAVE THEM!!!!! WHERE ARE THEY NOW???? :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

Mindboggling bureaucracy. And--when located--absolutely incredible records to account for the "rest of the story" on scores of thousands of LIVING Orders recipients.

Every 3 months: Alive? Dead? Paid for? Over and over again. Alive? Dead? Paid for? Turn in your quarterly report, sofort!!!!

Great galloping wowsers!!!!!!

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While George never had to hide in the Bolivian Embassy in London...

To be fair to Bolivia, the Australian wretch, to whom you indirectly allude, is actually holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. Same difference, though ;)

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