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Well campadres, are you ready for another fantastically beautiful asterisk-in-the-price-guides enamel beauty from the Traveling Museum?

The case is not what I'd have expected: no crown, no monogram, just this--

No clue how many were awarded.

The proper name is the Maximilian Order for Science and Art, founded in 1853.

Art (for some ?reason) got Pegasus, while Science got an owl.

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The current Official Price Bible only shows the LOWER parts (numbers 435 and 436), so I must plead Epson Operator ignorance and the fact that I was completely unsupervised (eez nice to be trusted wiz zo mooch GOLD, wunnerful heavy bootifull GOLLLLLLD, yazz? :love: ) whilst scanning in 95ºF/37ºC heat... and managed to get the fronts and backs switched and the never before seen leafy UPPER suspension upside down in these.

The super fancy ribbon is unique.

This silk marvel was never creased by all that weight hanging from it!

The top foliage SHOULD face UP and Maximilian should be on the front. Mea maxima culpa-- but we will sure know these scans are stolen if some wicked person takes them without permission, won't we? :ninja:

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Closeups. Click on these for BIG magic scans!

Obverse with foliage slung around upside down :speechless:

Reverse with foliage slung around upside down :speechless:

Sorry about that!!!!! (I just kept hearing Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" siren song...)

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