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My first pickelhaube...

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Collecting militaria is not the most common hobby it seems. Not everybody is comfortable talking about one of the two World wars… At least that was in 1973 when I started collecting militaria.
One day my father was working in the backyard and I had to help him. At a certain moment we found a German bullit of WW2. This was a tremendous find for a kid and soon my interest for military items was sharpened. In a few years I had build up a nice collection, but while serving in the Belgian army in 1979, I needed some money and the collection was the first that had to go.
A few years went by… got married, bought a house, became father… the usual stuff. One fine day (in the spring of 1983) we went to a local fleamarket and I couldn’t resist to buy a nice bayonet for a very small price. The price was maybe very small, but the consequences were much much bigger… I started collecting again.
In those days things were different… Internet wasn’t invented yet and going to militaria shows was not this evident at all. The key was to have good friends and also good connections. Anyway, I managed to build up a nice collection again, but soon the urge to have a pickelhaube became real. Thanks to a good friend, I managed to purchase my first pickelhaube in 1986… What a fantastic feeling it was, how beautiful this haube was! Oh my God, a dream came true!
This little fella seems to have been the starter of my addiction, but I’ve never regretted buying it!
So, here it is: an enlisted Prussian pickelhaube of IR26 (Infanterie-Regiment Fürst Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau (1. Magdeburgisches) Nr.26). I know it’s nothing super special, but this little one will never leave my collection…
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