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Japanese WW2 Aircraft toolbox

Bob Lyons

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Hi all,

I just posted this along with several photos of the Adelaide (Australia) military vehicle museum in the museums section, but thought this was

interesting enough to post here as well.

I have never seen another example, it looks like it was used by an Aussie for his own tool box after he 'captured' the box. I don't know what is

inside the box, as I respected the museums wishes and didn't fiddle with it.



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The rest of the inscription reads (thanks Oleg! :cheers:)

火星一Ο型内部要具 - set of essential instruments for inner aggregates of model "Mars 10".

(example of box label for model "Venus"


for more info about "Venera" see


model "Glory" http://blog.goo.ne.jp/ontop3837/e/5884d100bfeb57627df73c1e4e589825

model "Heavenly wind" (set for external aggregates) http://aucview.aucfan.com/yahoo/b111743380/ )

關西スピンドル - joint-stock company "Kansai supindoru"

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Hello. I am in Ontario Canada, and I have acquired a tool box that is akin to this one. The drawers are in tact and it is in relatively decent shape. I will post pictures, with hopes someone can shed some more light on this puzzle for me. 


Best regards 



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