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NCO meritorious service badge (a.k.a. NCO attendance's badge)


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Attractive and pretty rare ...

It's time to have a little chat about this one ;)

Peterson on p.109 gives us the name of this badge (not very exact) “Regular Attendants Badge NCO” + photo of the badge (fig.194).

That’s it.

Not much :whistle:

When, to whom and for what

Well now we know that this badge was established on March 2, 1904.

Original name of this badge is 下士勤功章

下 - under

士 - officer

勤 - hard working/attendance

功 - service/merit/meritorious service

章 - badge

Or, as we call it in Moscow (by using Google translator :whistle:), Kashi Tsutomu Isao Fumi.

This badge was awarded to NCOs for exemplary performance. Candidates for this badge were selected by each unit (candidate should had at least 6 years of exemplary service). But only very few got this badge. Crème de la crème of NCO :)

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Cherry blossom in the centre of the badge should be silvered

but sometime it had goldish patina

in the begining of the process :)

at the end

When all silver is lost cherry blossom has this look ;)

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