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Offizierskreuz - Wilhelm Kronhelm von Nordheim


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Some time ago I bought this Offizierskreuz with award document....





Could you please help and tell me where can I find more information about Wilhelm Kronhelm von Nordheim?!

Where can I find a picture of of him...

Thank you!

Best regards, Dejan

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In the "Rang-Listen des Kaiserlichen und Königlichen Heeres - 1918", Wilhelm Kronhelm v.Nordheim appears on page 103 as Oberstleutnant der Infanterie, with rank from 1. November 1916 and on page 799 in the roll of the Oberstleutnante in the IR 100, "Beim detaschierten Baon". His awards (as stated until the Personalverordnungsblatt Nr. 40/18) were:

- Orden der Eisernen Krone III Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration u. Schwerter;

- Militärverdienstkreuz III Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration u. Schwerter;

- Militärverdienstkreuz III Klasse (FD)

- Bronzene Militärverdienstmedaille "Signum Laudis" am Bande des Militärverdienstkreuzes;

- MIlitärdienstzeichen 3. Klasse f. Offiziere;

- Bronzene Jubiläumserinnerungsmedaille für die Bewaffnete Macht, 1898;

- Militärjubiläumskreuz 1908;

- Erinnerungskreuz 1912-1913

Your fine FJO-OK m. KD was awarded after the publication of the Rangliste. Most probably, he received the Karl-Truppenkreuz too.

Best wishes,

Enzo (E.L.)

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Assuming this officer chose to remain in the Austrian Republic after the war, you can get his service record and citations for all awards (ask for "Belohnungsanträge") from the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna. I haven't had any K.u.k. research done there since the 1980s (when Dr. Allmayer-Beck was in charge) but they were always good about copying files then.

The citations are amazingly detailed.

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I have a decoration that belonged to him as well along with the paper work. He was my great great grandfather's brother.

I also have the original 1823 patent of nobility issued for his grand father (also named Wilhelm), his brother's original birth certificate and his actual glasses.

The family is originally from Sweden. Settled in the Banat. Wilhelm (the grandfather) and his son, also Wilhelm were both at one time in the 12th Banater Grentz regiment. The younger Wilhelm (your Wilhelm's father) ultimately rose to high rank and settle in Cracow, Poland (then in Austrian Galicia). His son Heinrich, a lawyer, married a Polish Jewish woman... I come from that line which became completely Polonized marrying into a Polish Catholic family in the next generation. This Wilhelm, Heinrich's brother on the other hand chose a military career. He died childless at a very old age in the 1950s.

I am new to the forum - can't figure out how to post images. Happy to share some of the items mentioned above.

Happy to email them to you: my email address is - Samuel.puchala@satovconsultants.com

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