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Can any one help ID this Arab medal ? thank you !

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It appears to be some sort of commemorative medal for Sheikh Zayid bin Sultan An-Nahyan, the founder of the United Arab Emirates. On the blank side, it says on the top "In memory of" or "Commemorative of", and on the bottom "United Arab Emirates". On the side with the bust, it says Sheikh Zayid bin Sultan An-Nahyan on the top (there is a word before Sheikh I can't make out, though) and on the bottom again "United Arab Emirates" (there is another partially worn-out word before Dawlah I can't make out).


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This is the medal issued by the United Arab Emirates in 1972 to commemorate the First Anniversary of the Establishment of the UAE.

The obverse inscription reads, "His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan President of the State of the United Arab Emirates". The reverse reads, "To Commemorate the establishment of the United Arab Emirates".

Until some 5 years ago I did not know this medal existed and indeed no mention is made of the medal in any of the UAE medal ordinances. I obtained my exmple from the UAE and it appears that whilst the medal was manufactured and despatched to the UAE it was not awarded.

The ribbon a combination of seven equal stripes of red, white, green, white, black, white and red and is sometimes available on E-bay from a British seller. As he sourced the ribbon in the UK it is more than likely that the medal was manufactured in the UK - it may well be by Spink who manufactured most of the medals of this period for the region but I have no firm evidence to support this supposition.

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