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This 10 placer is interesting and unusual because it comprises southern style mounting technique upon a buckram body, so flexible in wear, not easy for a manufacturer to make and get right too! So a lot of work went into creating this piece.

Attachable to uniform by some little clips. Two original one period replacement.

Miniature devices are good quality and highly detailed.

What makes this one more interesting than most is the impressive enamel cross slap bang in the centre. Which is the Cross of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. Which is a Roman Catholic religious order, the oldest surviving order for chivalry.

Would like opinions on this piece and any info regarding the Order of St John and why it ended up here :)

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Very interesting indeed. I'm not sure what the ribbon is with silvers Xs after the Malta--what are the exact colors? And the one before the Hindenburg--is that a Greek Redeemer with silver crown?

(I am--miraculously--back online though for how long again TODAY only the Internet Gods may foretell....)

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Excellent--pale blue looks white in scan. Entirely improper device, then, but a perfect match to E. A. von Papen. Assuming 9after another 7 hours unable to connect online) I ever CAN get back, more data on him when I return--or from comrades if I do not (starting to wonder on Day Two)....

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GE4 1901/02

M3 1909/10

SA3b 1912/13

HOH3X gazetted in MWB 31.10.18

Except for his brief Leibgendarmerie service around 1912 seems always to have been in Ulan Rgt 6 before the war. No clue during the war--a HT is a mystery.

Now to find a photo of him as char. Major aD wearing your oddly non-regulation ribbon bar on his Ulanka!

? Brother of the Chancellor?....

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You could never have too many middle names! The 1908/09 Deutscher Ordens-Almanach:

Don't be confused by the DtOrdAlm's own peculir abbreviations for classes of awards--just about every source back then had its own system. Research Gnomes use the Prussian army system for uniformity. This "Ge3b" was a "GE4."

Sorry for the disjointed narratives today--having internet problems and wanted to get in as much as possible as quickly as possible.

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