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Hello gentlemen,

Lately I have been having some confusion over the medal pictured below. I have always known it as the 'Medaille fur aufopfernde Tatigkeit in Kriegszeit'. However, recently I have come across references to a Reuss 'Kriegsverdienstmedaille fur Frauen und Jungfrauen', of which I have been unable to find a picture. In fact, the only picture I found was showing this same medal pictured below, thus prompting my confusion.

Despite being apparently awarded at least 1000 times, I have never seen one on a medal bar (ribbon bars are more complex due to the common ribbon). So although the statutes say that it could be awarded to both sexes, I am beginning to wonder...

Could anyone please tell me if they are separate medals or the same one? And if anyone can, show a picture of the medal on a medal bar (even single-mounted).

Thanks very much.


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