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GermanyA) Inf.Rgt (mot.) GD Kompanie Establishment 1939 to April 1942

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File Name: A) Inf.Rgt (mot.) GD Kompanie Establishment 1939 to April 1942

File Submitter: hucks216

File Submitted: 22 Sep 2013

File Category: Germany

Spreadsheet of Inf.Rgt Großdeutschland officers and their positions from 1939 to April 1942 down to Kompanie level.

This is very rough & ready and will forever be a work in progress as new names are found (or amended) and incorporated.
Think of the Remarks (RMKS) column as being my equivalent of border notes on the page of a research book and positions are a mixture of English & German.
If anyone has extra details that would be of benefit to the file please feel free to contact me so I can incorporate the details. There are two more such files spanning April 1942 to Wars End and will be uploaded in time if there is sufficient interest.

Sources used are the many publications & websites concerning GD and details taken from numerous Citations & Wehrpasse/Soldbücher.

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