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For some time I have this intriguing postcard of a not so cheerful AH in my collection.

Behind him is Ernst Röhm (killed June 1934) and the post stamp is 28.7.33.

I like this photo because generally AH does not wear many interesting decorations, but here he sports a tinnie which I cannot identify, and it seems that Röhm wears the same.

- When/where was this photo taken?

- What is the tinnie?

- Who is the SA Gruppenführer right behind AH?

I would be grateful for your help.

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Thanks for this hint Robin, but I cannot even find evidence that a tinnie was issued for this event...

I knew that I had another photocard from the same series (see enclosed). Röhm is next to AH who is saluting SA men passing by. Obviously a rally of some substance.

Strange enough, on the reverse, in pencil some one noted 24.7.33, but this is an uneventful Monday.....

I thought that every move of AH between birth and death has been recorded by now, but obviously there are still some gaps.

I am putting my hopes on the GMIC Tinnie-front for clues.

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