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Kaserne des Feld-Artillerie Regiments (Artillery Barracks)

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Another common postcard is a view of the regimental barracks. I'm sure some of these buildings still exist and would make great Then/Now collages.

This one is in Frankfurt a. Oder; Kaserne des Feld-Artillerie-Regiments General-Feldzeugmeister (2. Brandenburgisches) Nr.18

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Hello Rick.

Barracks under the Hohenzollern seemed built for eternity. They certainly outlasted the Monarchy. I entered one which in the 1980's housed the Bundeswehr Technische Lehrsammlung ( so called not to get into hot water by calling it a museum). Amazing how solid they felt.

And then all the necessary utility buildings, even more for cavalry and artillery.

Bernhard H. Holst

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Bernhard, I too have been in a lot of those old Imperial buildings still being used later by the Bundeswehr and even the US Army. Great buildings. Just wish I had an interest in their history at the time rather than an larger interest in the nearby 'stube...or kneipe :P

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FAR 18's Kaserne is still there, although partly collapsed. It was a Soviet barracks, I believe. The nearby GR 12 barracks is now a university.

FAR 25's Kaserne was destroyed during World War II, as was almost the entire complex of the Großherzoglich Hessische Division on the southwest side of Darmstadt. Parts, including I believe some of Train-Abteilung Nr. 18's barracks, were used by the US Army. The Kasernes of DR 23 and DR 24 are almost entirely gone, as is most of that of LGIR 115.

For FAR 28, the wings of the Kaserne buildings are there, but the center parts of both barracks are gone, turning two long buildings into four shorter ones. Elsewhere in Bautzen, IR 103's complex is mostly gone, while HR 20's is mostly still there.

Here is a Google Earth street-level view of the Offizier-Kasino in Nysa:

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This one isn't explicit on the Kaserne, but since it's the Vereidigung (oath) for recruits of FAR 55, I presume it's their Kaserne in Erfurt. Nonetheless, an interesting photo...

FAR 55 was based in Naumburg an der Saale. FAR 19 was in Erfurt.

Your photo does look like the Kaserne on Weissenfelser-Strasse on the east side of Naumburg, some pictures of which can be seen here: http://www.panoramio.com/user/2186447?with_photo_id=90687222

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The Kaserne is gone, as is the Clever Tor. The bas relief was saved and is apparently now a part of the Rathaus:



Hi Dave!

Yes, it´s gone after the 2nd world war. Thanx for the photo. I didn´t know, that the fragment still exist!!! I´ll visit it next time. I live only 20km from Wesel!

I´ve been there earlier and took those photos of the Monument of Schill (killed by Napoléon) and the Zitadelle of Wesel:

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Kgl. Sächs. 2. Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr.19 Kaserne in Dresden

There's a recent picture here from a similar angle: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/46974132

And from the other end of the block: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/46974223

I drove right past this last year on the way to the Bundeswehr museum, but I didn't get any pictures myself.

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