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Reserve Feld-Artillerie Regt Nr. 52 (translation needed)

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Here's a group of RFAR 52 soldiers; a couple Gefreiter, an Unteroffizier, and two Kanonier. Nice shots of the shortened Gewehr 98s and of the swords. Views of Schützenschnur and what I believe to be a Dienstauszeichen on the Unteroffizier.

Interestingly, the post card was sent from Paderborn to Schwetzingen (Baden) on 7 October 1914, a month after the war began. However, the photo and post card were made in Jüterbog in Brandenburg, a well-known artillery barracks and training area.

The Reserve-Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 52 was mobilized as part of the 52. Reserve-Division, recruited primarily in Baden; so, that part makes sense. The Unteroffizier who sent the card was probably from Baden. I find it curious, however, that the unit went to Jüterbog in Brandenburg for some training in 1914 - or at least this group of NCOs went there. The 52. Reserve-Division entered combat in mid-October 1914 in the Race to Sea; so, this card probably was sent from their assembly area near Paderborn.

Perhaps a translation of the reverse of the card will provide some additional interesting clues...

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It is a post card anyone of us could have written to a family memberin the early days of the war.

"I have received the telegram but not the package yet. No doubt it will come. Other than that, I am well. We will make it to the field during the week and we are all of good cheer. Have you received my cards from the trip? hopefully you have. Anyway, hugs and kisses to you, your Jean. Hugs and kisses for my dear child and the same for all the relatives and friends.

The sender was Unteroffiz. "Thapp?? I can't make out his name at the top or in the address line to his wife.


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On mobilization my grandfather had to report to his peace time Regiment (FAR50) in Karlsruhe.

In Karlsruhe he was assigned to the new RFAR52 and sent to Paderborn for assembly.

This picture of him was taken in Paderborn in early October 1914

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Andy, thanks for the translation. I was thinking the "absender" name was Knapp...

Hardy, guess it was too much to hope that this post card either had a photo of your grandfather or even better...was sent by him! But when I get to writing my short history of the RFAR 52, now I know where to come for help. ;)

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As already mentioned in Post # 1 Jueterbog had considerable artillery facilities.

The Rangliste 1913 lists it as the garrison for:

Feldartillerie-Schiesschule mit Lehr-Regt.;

Fussartillerie-Schiesschule mit Lehr-Regt. ( II.Lehr-Bataillon vorlaeufig Truppen Uebungsplatz Jueterbog) also Artillerie Depot.

It is a strong possibility that these N.C.O's had a course in Jueterbog with photos made there and then produced as a postcard as frequently done and sent home or to other recipients. Paderborn then and perhaps even now had extensive army facilities. It may well have been an assembly point during the early war mobilization for all different arms.

Interesting pictures thinks a former mounted infantry man who has some times cursed the artillery but more often welcomed the departing and then the arrivals...

Just my two-cents.

Bernhard H. Holst

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