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Anniversary of death of Capitaine X.de Cacqueray-Valmenier

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Hello readers.

This writer feels an obligation to bring to the attention of perhaps some of our readers, the fate of an outstanding officer of the French Army.

On 28 September, 1958 Capitaine Xavier de Cacqueray-Valmenier gave his life for his country on the battlefield of Algeria at age 30. He died shortly after suffering several wounds during an attack on a much defended farm while attempting to cover the retreat of his men from the courtyard.

His mother and his three surviving brothers all on active service in Algeria attended services but his father, the Brigadier General de Cacqueray, also on active service was unable to attend. The remains of Capitaine X. de Cacqueray were rthen eturned to his homeland where he now rests in the family burial ground.

All four brothers at one time served in regiments of the French Foreign Legion, one of them lost a leg during the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The family can trace their military service to France back to the 1700's and it may go back even further.

Capitaine X. de Cacqueray was made an Officer of the Legion of Honor after his death. The 2012 graduating class of the French Army Officers Academy, St. Cyr (Ecole Speciale Militaire) in accordance with tradition named itself after this gallant officer and had the honor shortly before graduation, to open the yearly parade in Paris on the occasion of France's National Holiday, 14 July 2012.

The undersigned served under the orders of the then Lt. X. de Cacqueray in the north of Vietnam during 1952 - 1953 and again during a second tour of duty in early 1954 until this officer's return to Europe in 1955.

Bernhard H. Holst

ex-Brigadier-Chef 1.REC and Sergeant 1.RE.

Edited by Bernhard H.Holst
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