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Reichswehr Militarpass

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I can display it with this.........guess he may have served with Freikorps Görlitz ?

I agree that "Bew. I u. II Stufe" is for the Silesian Eagle. "Bewährungsabzeichen" is the correct designation for the award. The use of the word "Stufe" (grade) instead of Klasse is peculiar to the Silesian Eagle.

By the way, why Freikorps Görlitz?

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I'm very interested in your pass, as I'll only buy a 'Militärpaß' if it has Freikorps service. Generally, it's difficult to find these compared to those with WWI service only.

Here are a couple of my scarcer ones.

M.G. Abtl. of Regt. Baden, Freiw.-Abtl. von Medem. Served in the Baltic, as it says, fighting Latvian and Bolshevik troops. He received the Baltic Cross and Maltese Cross for the Russian Westarmee.

Freiw. Batl. Graf Kanitz and then 1. Kurland Inf. Regt., Eiserne Division. He was awarded the EKII and Baltic Cross. He would have also been entitled to the Iron Division medal and likely the Baltic Landwehr Cross, as well.

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