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Militairy Order of Charles Fredric

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He received the order twice.

Commanderkreuz on 18.8.1849, received on 27.10.1849, as Chief of the General Staff of the II.Korps of the Operationsarmee.

Großkreuz on 18.10.1867 as General der Infanterie and Kriegsminister.

So the Commander's Cross for killing Badeners and the Grand Cross for a career of killing Prussia's enemies. He was Kriegsminister from 1859 to 1873, so the Grand Cross was probably not for anything specific, but more likely a courtesy award for his role in the reconciliation between Baden and Prussia after the 1866 war, in which Baden had been on Austria's side.

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Eduard (von) Kraus

Ritterkreuz on 26.10.1870 as Oberstleutnant, 6. Infanterie-Regiment

Commandeurkreuz on 4.3.1871 as interim commander, 3. Infanterie-Regiment

Commandeurkreuz mit Stern in 1875 as Generalmajor z.D.

August Freiherr von Stetten

Ritterkreuz on 4.3.1871 as Major, Feldartillerie-Regiment


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