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Shoulder Board is it British ?

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Yes very much a length of Russian braid on a Commonwealth type shoulder strap. Issued per wound but obliviously not used that way.

Here are two photos of a British issued SD jacket to a Serj. of the 12th Bn A&SH--This unit served in Salonika were British Divisions adopted colored ribbon or braid Blue Red and Yellow per Division.

This is attached identical to yours, although lower down the strap. So I'm not sure if this a division sign on yours.

If it was used as a rank it might be off an SD supplied to White Russian forces--a single piece of ribbon in that fashion was for a Junior NCO.

Hope this helps

Joe Sweeney

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Hi Peter

thanks for your reply I have posted on the Turkish section and waiting to see if I get a reply.Thanks Joe for the pictures but I think the board is a different shape to yours this is more oval than round but I could be wrong.So frustrating as it came with the German boards and was picked up by the Australian soldier as souvenirs with the German trench club (direct from family).

Joe can you post a picture of the bottom of your boards.


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I would not discount Commonwealth SD yet.

The 12th BN A&SH strap is very much like yours:

Here are some other Jackets with hopefully better views of the strap:

4th BN CMGC (British Made Jacket)

85th BN CEF (British made Jacket)

Close-up of the shoulder area of a post Sept 1914 Canadian made 7 Button jacket:

I have between 40 to 50 British and Canadian SD Jackets and not one photo directly showing shape nor any of the underside. However, if you know what the top looks like bottom is identical.

Unfortunately that shape is very common and I can not attribute that strap and the braid to any British or Commonwealth unit--Hope you have better luck with your Turkish path.

Another path is potentially Portuguese-- I believe rank was on the shoulder strap. Port. uniforms were made in the UK and were a color very similar to French Horizon Blue--However, British SD may have their way into Port service--If everyone in the flowing photo is in fact Port then they wore a mix of uniforms:


Joe Sweeney

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Joe thanks for putting up the photo's and putting up with me it's just want to be correct in what it is.

The width at the base of the strap is 5cm and at the top 4cm color is olive/brown and rough wool texture the braid is hand sewn on .

Just wondering if it may be Turkish ??

Rob and thanks again for your time and effort.

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