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WWI British Rank Badges

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Hello all.

I am here to ask for help for a project that has born in Military Modeling Forum:


In a beggining to see if some old material (incomplete) I had was usefull there and has finish here. Cause after an old cooking, I would like to remake this ranks step by step to publish here in documents (maybe not this year but this century) or there (always free) in internet.

Then I think I'm going to star with gorgets

Thanks very much.

I will upate any change.

Any help is wellcome

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Hello Mervyn, thanks a lot.

Maybe I'm not beeing too clear asking for help.

The plan is to go insign by insign and object by objet, with regulations mainly as guide. Then I will put the regulations and beside the sketches. Then people could say their opinion about or mark any mistake.

I think is better begins to work rank by rank. Now is marshal and general officers- gorgets.

The draw attached is just an example. I have to begin seriously. In this moment I can't cause the work. But in a few days i will have prepared some sketchs and direct questions.

Anyway, any comment or help right now should be important, I mean buttons, knitting, etc...

The british ranks are much more complex and interesting than any others I have seen. I attach the old not-finish sketchs about gogets that we can improve here.

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Hello Oldurf

I have just received by mail the book you recomemded me kindly. Thanks a lot cause I think has been a very good buy, althought it is a first-hand book (In this kind of books not very important as could be, by example in an Atlas, and you trust the seller). Even I have bought other book that I think could be useful too to my objetives. (First hand). In the future I will developed my work in the link I gave in my first post. And will comment it in the deep way.

Well, I think that to recommend good and useful books is in the ( my Grand Father always said) good manners utility. I take the liberty to point out this book as highly useful for any reader interested in the symbolic world we love here:

The Invention of Tradition



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