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is it Matrosen Artillerie Regiment?

There was both a I. Matrosen-Artillerie-Abteilung and a I. Matrosen-Artillerie-Regiment

I think I see a B in the last part of the name...

Maybe our Marine experts can help...

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Uniforms and a gun - after a discussion on another forum, I've decided this is a "Beute" piece. Although made by Krupp - a 12cm Kanone M82 - I believe this piece was captured from either the French or the Belgians and put into action with the Matrosen Artillerie in Flanders.

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What I can make out from the writing it is in remembrance "Andenken"of service his name was"August Kunz "and the top words are "Marine Kiautschou" and at the bottom" Wilhelmshaven den 10/8/1919"

Not remembrance of his service, but of his comrade, presumably to whom he he gave the card.

"Meinem treuesten Freunde zum ewigen Andenken an." - "to the eternal memory of my most devoted friend".

Since it says "an August Kunz", I would guess Kunz was the recipient.

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