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Meritorious Service Medal Introduced for Police

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Meritorious Service Medal Introduced for Police 17 October 2013

Statement by Police Commissioner Peter Marshall

Meritorious Service Medal introduced for Police

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall today welcomed the announcement from the Ministers of Police and Defence that Royal approval has been given for a Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) to be introduced.

“The MSM is the culmination of extensive research and consultation within Police, Defence and at Government level. It’s a wonderful new Medal that as Commissioner I can award to staff who are providing an outstanding service and achievement to New Zealand Police and the communities in which they work.”

Commissioner Marshall expects to present the first Police recipients within six months.

“This is a prestigious new medal which fills a gap between existing internal Awards and higher Royal Honours including New Zealand Bravery Awards.

“There is no set number of New Zealand Police Meritorious Service Medals to be awarded each year, but the numbers won’t be high to reflect the special value they hold within Police. This Medal is an award to aspire to –and may be awarded to any Police employee irrespective of their rank or role or powers.

The silver medal features the profile of the Queen on the obverse, and the New Zealand Police crest on the reverse. The ribbon has two crimson stripes the same as the New Zealand Police Long Service and Good Conduct ribbon, a Prussian Blue stripe which is a traditional Police colour – and four yellow gold stripes signifying excellence.

Images of the Police Meritorious Service Medal (obverse on the left; close-up of the reverse on the right)


The images are courtesy of the New Zealand Police National Headquarters.

Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant for the New Zealand Police Meritorious Service Medal can be viewed as a pdf file (251 kb). The Royal Warrant can be viewed as text / html at http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2013/0430/latest/DLM5287301.html (on the Parliamentary Counsel Office's New Zealand Legislation website).


The Regulations for the New Zealand Police Meritorious Service Medal will be made publicly available after they have been signed by the Governor-General and the Minister of Police.


The New Zealand Herald of Arms, Mr Phillip O’Shea, LVO, designed the NZ Police MSM and its ribbon.

Order of Wear

The position of the NZ Police MSM in the order of wear is still to be confirmed by the Governor-General. It is expected that the NZ Police MSM will be worn immediately after the NZ Defence MSM.

No Post Nominal

The award of the New Zealand Police Meritorious Service Medal does not confer a right to use a post nominal.

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