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Great war society

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Good evening Gentlemen

I tried to find a general forum to post this in but couldnt so please accept my apologies if this post

is in the wrong forum its just something I wanted to share

Here are a couple of photos of my son Joe

He joined the Great War Society three years ago (He will be 20 in a couple of days time)

They go all over as a living history group. recently he was at the Tower of London

They often do events at Stow Maries aerodrome in Essex

They have to live as near as possible to how the soldiers lived and eat foods that they would have eaten then

He has to have his hair cut short and is up and doing drills early in the mornings

He has saved hard to buy all his uniform,webbing & kit it certainly hasnt been cheap

These photos were taken by an amateur photographer at one of the events he attended

He really enjoys being part of this and he certainly appreciates all his home comforts and 'Easy life' when he comes home

The other men really look after him and he enjoys the camaraderie.

when I look at the photos I get shivers just thinking nearly a hundred years ago it would most certainly have been for real.

I,m veryo proud of him I hope you dont mind me sharing this on your web site

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Great photos. It looks like a fine experience and and opportunity to learn and to bond with friends. What's not to like?

Welcome to GMIC. Do you collect? Tell us a little bit about yourself. I think you'll like it here.


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Well firstly I,m female...so I wasnt sure if I would be kicked off as its a gentlemans club :unsure: ...

My son belongs (Monkeyman 18)

I dont collect anything but my hobby for the last 15 years is family tree history which has included searching for war records

I have come to sites like this one for excellent advice on how to read and decipher war imformation

Joe my son who is in the photos collects WW1 memorabillia Amoungst his items are shrapnel from France, A WW2 picture of a butterfly made from the dust of the ruins of Berlin 1945 and a German helmet from Jersey.

He went on a tour to the Somme with his dad about 3 years ago

I purchased a watch for him from ebay that had an inscription inside ...

Wm C Giles from his dear boy willie killed paschendaele Ridge

Oct 10th 1917 I have been in contact with a guy who knows the great niece of this young man killed and I have found his war medal card and found the memorial stone he is named on in Tyne Cote cemetery Joe and his dad and his grandad whos nearly 86 hope to go and see it next year and to let Willie know his watch is safe and will be well looked after.

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Our forum name maybe misleading. We welcome any and all.

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Thanks for the pictures, he's clearly found a great hobby. I read your post with interest. Gentlemen and women all welcome here. The title refers more to our codes of conduct.

Thanks for posting and do stick around, you're most welcome.


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