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Opinions on Brandenburg Cuffed Infantry Tunic.

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Seeking any and all opinions on the subject Infantry rock.

The Rock is IAW the post Sept 1914 pattern.

This one came out of an DDR costume warehouse over 20 years ago and exhibits some interesting repairs which I'd like anyone's opinion on whether they could be wartime or more probably costumer's?



Note the Brandenburg cuff, rear center panel of the futter and the addition of white cloth to the inside neck area of the collar.

I'm wanting to know if any of this could be a war time repair/practice.


Could the white cloth been done war time to replace need for a Halsbinde/tuch?

Could the light grey fabric in center panel been wartime?

Most crown buttons are replaced and painted a sand color.

The only ones not replaced appear on the skirts.


The cuff has been repaired with panels of a darker more crude woolen (might be recycled fibres)? They are actually very well made complete with button holes(?)


The rock has what's left of the size markings and no other distinguishable marks-except right above the size stamps but is washed out.

It also appears to have at one time M15 boards attached, indicated by the remains of cut thread on the shoulders--The board buttons are crown.

Any opinion welcomed and appreciated.

Joe Sweeney

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Bumping this up--Any opinions.

I finally pulled this out of storage and the color difference between the replaced cuff panels and sleeve is not as great as in the photo thanks to< I assume the flash lightening the original material.

Help is appreciated.

Joe Sweeney

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think it is an impossible call...

I know many folks dont believe in it... but sometimes I think you need to hold a piece and "get a feel for it".... there are probably half a dozen small things you notice without realising it.

From the pictures, I would consider it for my collection.... (but I am not a Uniform guy so my opinion may be taken with a pinch of salt)

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thanks--this stuff Came-out of east Germany in 1990 or so. George Petersen had loads--I got a really nice Bluse out of it>

I wish I had made an investment back then (all was really cheap) in the Feldgrau Tuchhose(I know you don't partake) with a 1917 BA stamp and other odds and bobs.


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