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M10 boards versus M15??? I know nothing of Officers stuff.

For OR/enlisted/mannschaften the 07 removable and the un-piped Jan 1915 variety were supposed to be 5.5cm wide and when the M15 was introduced width reduced to 4.5cm.

However I'm sure there are exceptions in all categories'.

Joe Sweeney

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I do think that there were guidelines for the sizes of officer's cyphers. Obviously, since they were privately purchased items, there would be some manufacturer variation. In general, the size of the cypher fit the proportions of the board width. For instance, epaulette cyphers (and crowns) are noticeably larger than those for Achselstücke. I have seen military effects catalogs from the period (like that of the Deutsche Offizier Verein)and they show several different sizes. I think it was a matter of taste, but within limits. Just my conjectures.... I'm sure there are some formal period guidelines for outfitting officers.


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