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They are pre-war, but I don't know the date when they were introduced. The double strap variety was introduced in 1909.

However, these early ones are seen from time to time in photo of the war(Only I have none saved at the moment or would post.

Joe Sweeney

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This pattern was also issued to naval landing troops. Years ago I got a set of navy gear that came off of a German ship which was interned in an American harbor during the war. Sets of this gear were taken off of the ship and stored at the Philadelphia naval yard. The set consisted of a red/brown navy issue rucksack, six navy pattern, individual, three clip cartridge pouches, a leather over-the-shoulder ammo bandolier and an entrenching shovel with this single strap and ring suspension.

I have an old fieldgear plate that shows this carrier as part of the M87 Tragegerüst. Paul Pietsch's book on the Prussian infantry also shows this pattern as being introduced with the M1887 Tragegerüst, calling it Schanzzeug 1887.


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