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Neville identifies this ribbon as the Bavarian Medal for State Service (1898).* I know no more than that, I am afraid but that may give you a lead for further searches on the Internet.

Happy hunting!

* D. G. Neville, 'Medal Ribbons and Orders of Imperial Germany and Austria' (Balfour Publications, 1974), p. 43

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So i found this ribbon at a collector's meeting near my town,in Deva and a friend told me that it's from a Bavarian Decoration,it is true?



that is a bavarian ribbon for the MVK`s and MVO`s given to non combattants. In german it is called " Band für Kriegsverdienst" or "Beamtenband" given for officials at home.

Here a picture which shows the three kinds of MVK/MVO ribbons .

The left ist the ribbon given from 1866 to 1914. The middle for combattants since 1913 and the right for non-combattants and officials

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Thank you very much I paid 4 euros for that I made a great deal.When you ever come to Romania i will give you a drink.

Hello Stefan,

thank's for inviting me to a beer.

Romania is very interesting for military research.

In WW1, the bavarian army fought several times in Romania.

You can still find some bavarian of the WW1 in Romanian flea markets?

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