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Templar Cross?

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Due to a question in a german forum there was a cross of mine return to mind which I can not identify correctly.

It looks like an maltese cross but with wrong ribbon - but it is not the type of an maltese or st. johns cross i found on their internet-pages. So here my question: Could this be a cross of the modern templars - or if not: which cross is this?

Thanks for your help!


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This likely is an ephemeral Order of St. Tatiana insignia. It is probably not enameled on the reverse. Identification based on ribbon color and the red enamel of the cross. At least the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox faiths recognize St. Tatiana as Patron Saint of Students.

This Order apparently dates from the 1980s, was given in exchange for 'donations to a worthy cause' and may no longer exist.

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