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WWI Militaerpass Jaeger Bataillon + WWI Wehrpass + documents

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Friedrich Robert Konrad Prasse was born on 13.07.1885 und called up for service on the 10.11.1915. He was married and had three children at this time. His further service:

10.11.1915: 1./ Rekruten–Depot Jäger–Ersatz–Bataillon 3

23.02.1916: 3./ Jäger–Ersatz–Bataillon 3

24.03.1916: 4./ Jäger–Bataillon 3

25.07.1916: 10./ Grenadier–Regiment Nr. 12

15.01.1917: Etappenlazarett Mühlhausen

28.02.1917: 10./ Grenadier–Regiment Nr. 12

07.05.1917: Festungs–Lazarett Mainz

08.06.1917: Lazarett Eltville

08.08.1917: 4./ I. Ersatz–Bataillon Grenadier–Regiment Nr. 12

02.11.1917: 7./ Reserve–Infanterie–Regiment Nr. 92

14.12.1918: released from service

His medals:

24.05.1918: Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz 1918

03.07.1918: Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse 1914

05.02.1935: Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer

He was wounded by shell splinters on 30.04.1917
He was remustered for WWII service in 1944 and (most probably) called up for Volkssturm service and was KIA 26.04.1945 in the Berlin area. A sad ending, having survived the onslaught of WWI ....
Please have a look at the impressive combat calendar on the last picture!

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His WWII Wehrpaß has only a few entries but is in near perfect condition. The only other entries are his weapon profiencies with Gewehr 98 and MG 08/15 and his WWI service. I also own his Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer citation. It´s a very good example for the manpower shortages and desperation of Germany during the last year of WWII: Being almost 60 years old and listed "partially fit for combat" ........

He had an interesting trade: telephone-assembler / telephone-technician

If his EK2 and VWA award document or even his Volkssturm Soldbuch would show up anywhere, please contact me!!

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The combat actions he participated in:

04.05.1916–29.05.1916: Schlacht um Verdun

25.07.1916–04.08.1916: Schlacht an der Somme

09.08.1916–10.10.1916: Stellungskrieg in der Champagne

25.10.1916–22.12.1916: Stellungskrieg vor Verdun

28.02.1917–13.04.1917: Grenzschutz an der Schweizer Grenze

17.04.1917–30.04.1917: Doppelschlacht Aisne–Champagne

02.11.1917–19.12.1917: Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun

15.01.1918–30.03.1918: Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun

12.04.1918–15.04.1918: Stellungskrieg in Flandern

16.04.1918–20.04.1918: Kämpfe im Ypernbogen

21.04.1918–29.04.1918: Schlacht um den Kemmel

30.04.1918–04.05.1918: Stellungskrieg in Flandern

11.05.1918–14.07.1918: Stellungskrieg bei Reims

15.07.1918–17.07.1918: Angriffsschlacht an der Marne & in der Champagne

18.07.1918–31.08.1918: Stellungskämpfe bei Reims

31.08.1918–04.09.1918: Abwehrschlacht zwischen Oise und Aisne

05.09.1918–08.09.1918: Kämpfe vor der Siegfriedfront

09.09.1918–27.09.1918: Kämpfe in der Siegfriedstellung

28.09.1918–09.10.1918: Stellungskämpfe nördlich der Ailette

10.10.1918–12.10.1918: Kämpfe vor der Hunding– & Brunhildfront

13.10.1918–20.10.1918: Kämpfe in der Hundingstellung

21.10.1918–04.11.1918: Kämpfe vor und in der Hermannstellung

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Thanks! Yes, only a few more days would´ve been sufficient ....

I wonder what he thought, being called up in late 1944 at the age of 59, receiving (probably) a captured french / italian / russian rifle with a few rounds of ammunition and maybe a Panzerfaust?!?

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