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French soldiers in Russia 1916


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A friend showed me a group of three French medals (Medaille Militaire; Croix du Combatant and Wound Medal) framed on a commemorative document for the man's service. In the identification of the man, it noted "27e Infantrie, blesse en Russie 1916".

I can find information about Russians in France, but almost nothing about French units in Russia. Can anyone enlighten me about the role of the 27th Infantry in Russia in 1916?

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The French 27th Infantry Regiment was not in Russia in 1917.

A MM without a Croix de Guerre seems unlikely,....

I would guess a German soldier Wound and Combattants Cross, sexied up with an added Medaille Militaire?



p.s. German 27th Infantry Regiment was not in Russia either that year, but it could have been the 27th bavarian Inf Regt who were...

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In this case, the man's name was Louis George.

Was not the Croix de Guerre limited to actions in France, and not awarded for exterior theaters?

I could understand Alsatians receiving French service medals, but the Medaille Militaire seems unlikely.

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