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Flight Liutenant C.A.POPE - New Zealand researchers help please!

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Hi all,

I have here one RAF Long Service and Good Conduct medal (George V issue) that belonged to the Flight Sergeant Charles Allen Pope (58082). He appears on the RAF 1918 Nominal roll that shows his enlistment at the 2nd February 1917 into the Royal Flying Corps as a Fitter (Engines) - A.Mechanic Class 2 for duration of war.

He received LS&GC medal on the 31st January 1935 (Air Ministry Orders, March 1935).

London Gazette reveals that he served as well during the WW2 as a Flight Lieutenant (35145) and retired 1949 as a Wing Commander.

From the London Gazette:

23rd November 1937 - Warrant Officer Charles Allen POPE is granted a permanent commission as Flying Officer on probation with effect from I2th November 1937 and with seniority of 23rd August 1937.

27th February 1940 - Commissioned Engineer Officer. Flying Officer Charles Allen POPE (35145) is seconded for special duty 29th September 1939. (what that input can mean???)

7th March 1941 - The under mentioned Flying Officers are promoted to the war substantive rank of Flight Lieutenant: I2th November 1940. (Seniority 2nd August 1940) Charles Allan POPE (35145).

2nd June 1942 - Flight Lieutenant C. A. POPE (35145) ceases to be seconded for Special Duty 6th April 1942.

(On 17 March 1942 Charles Allen Pope and his wife Mabel Annie Pope arrive on the MV Taranaki from Wellington. His last place of residence is described as being New Zealand. His occupation is listed as RAF).

2nd September 1947 - Promotion (substantive). Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader (subs.). 1st August 1947. C.A.POPE (35145)

11th January 1949 - Retirement. Squadron Leader C.A.POPE (35145 ) retaining the rank of Wing Commander. 7th January 1949.

I am looking any information regards his service in New Zealand. If there are any sources or ideas where to look, please let me know.

Thanking you in advance,


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