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Gents, just obtained this medal bar which has the following medals :- Einsatzmedaille "Fluthilfe 2002" des Bundes, Viertagekreuz von Nijmegen (Hollandmarsch), Silberne Medaille des IML Haervejesmarsches von Viborg/Dänemark, Medaille des IML Saga-Marsches (Norwegen).

My question is.....was this worn by a member of the Bundeswehr/Fire/police or is it a civilian bar ?

My thanks in advance of replies..........

Prost ! Steve.

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Paul, last medal is Norwegian, participation medal of the "IML Saga March".....except for the first one (2002 flood medal) all the others are march/walking medals, the second medal, the Nijmegen march medal being the most well known....................and is often seen on BW ribbon bars.

Prost ! Steve.

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Were non military members allowed to participate? Or... is it possible to just receive marching medals during a period of conscription?

Non military can take part in the marches yes, serving military teams need to fill different critaria if i remember right.

Regards Eddie

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  1. Army Mission Medal EUFOR RD CONGO

  2. Federal Medal Flood Disaster 2002

  3. Brandenburg Flood Medal 1997

  4. Saxony Flood Medal 2002

  5. Brandenburg Flood Medal 2002

I can also help you with modern German Medals, Patches, Ribbons and Uniforms, send me simple a message.


German Army 1st Lieutenant in Reserve and now Police Lieutenant

PS:Looking for exchange partner. I have many modern German Medals and Badges, and i am searching for US/ UK Medals.

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i served over 6 years in the Army 2002 -2008 and changed 2008 to Police.

Just in the moment i am in a Riot Control Unit.

For Paul, the German Uniform Code have a fixed order to wear Medals. The Sport Badges are the lowest German Awards and the last Awards in the order.

I know what you mean, the Sports Badges are federal Awards and the other are country awards, but for ribbon bars the Sport Medals come in the national Medal pyramid at the end.



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That's a fine array!

Did you know that there's a 'Post Your Own' thread in the Lounge area where GMIC members put pictures of their own medals? Please come and share yours with everyone there.

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Hi Lukasz,

no one in the Bundeswehr must, but everybody can wear decorations.

Normally, on the service uniform, he can wear a ribbon bar.

The wear of medal bars is restricted for only a few official events.

ZDv 37/10:

"584. Orden werden in Originalgröße getragen:
(1) am Tage der Aushändigung am:
− Dienstanzug,
− Kampfanzug,
− Gesellschaftsanzug;
(2) aus besonderen dienstlichen Anlässen:
Auf Anordnung des Vorgesetzten vom Divisionskommandeur (oder in entsprechender
Dienststellung) an aufwärts am:
− Dienstanzug,
− Gesellschaftsanzug;
(3) bei Staatsempfängen und Staatsakten,
zu denen auch zivile Teilnehmer die Orden in Originalgröße anlegen sowie bei offizieller
Teilnahme an internationalen Veranstaltungen von politischer oder militärischer Bedeu-
tung, wenn dazu das Anlegen der Orden in Originalgröße internationale Gepflogenheit ist,
− Dienstanzug,
− Gesellschaftsanzug;
(4) aus privaten Anlässen bei besonderen gesellschaftlichen Veranstaltungen,
bei denen neben der Uniform ausdrücklich Frack angeordnet und das Tragen von Orden
erwünscht ist sowie zu Hochzeitsfeierlichkeiten, am:
− Dienstanzug,
− Gesellschaftsanzug.

- on the day of the handing out,

- special official occasions (directive by division commander or higher),

- state receptions and state occasions,

- special social events (e.g. wedding ceremony).


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Hello Lukasz,

here examples for wearing full size medals. (German French Brigade)


General Hagemann






All the Best


Are the German members of the German-French Brigade allowed to wear the Deutsches Sportabzeichen in the French style i.e. full size medal with ribbon?


Regards  Paul

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The French Style DOSB (full size) is not permitted to wear on German Uniforms. But in reality, the germans wear it on her medal bars.


changing of the commander August 2015

Left the old ones:
Colonel Gerhard Klaffus (german)
Brigadier General Marc Rudkiewicz (french)

Right the new ones:

Brigadier General Werner Albl (german)
Colonel Jean Philippe Leroux (french)

 Foto: Volker Münch


Foto: Hans-Jochen voigt 09/15111625378.thumb.jpg.25b4a715db789faa3691

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