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2nd China war ribbon bar

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Hi all,

Just a quick question - was there any DCMs awarded during 3rd China War (Boxer rebellion). Reason why I am asking is below.

Ribbons on the bar looks like original period ones. Also attachment loops are inside rusty and looks like old one. Other way I would be very suspicious of that rare combination.

PS: My bad - not 2nd but 3rd China war.

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Timo, I think you mean the 3rd China War of 1900 (1st 1842, 2nd 1857-60)

Two DCMS were awarded were awarded for China 1860 but both also served in the Crimea

13 DCMS were awarded for China 1900

QMS E. Brooke Duke of Wellington's Regiment (attached Chinese Regt of Infantry)

Pte W. Crew 2/r. Welsh Fusiliers (He was KIA July 1900 and DCM awarded posthumously so that rules him out)

Pte. J Doodson 2/R Welsh Fusiliers

Sgt Gi-Dien-Kwee Chinese Regiment of Infantry

Corp David J. Gowney R.M.

Pte J Jackson 2/R Welsh Fusiliers

Cpl. T. Johnson R.M.

Sgt J. Murphy R.M.

Pte. J.A. Myers R.M.

L/Sgt J. E. Preston R.M.

C/Sgt R Purdon Coldstream Guards (attached Chinese Regiment of Infantry)

Havildar Rooshan Khan Hong Kong-Singapore Batallion RGA (I'd sell my grandmother for that one)

Sgt. C.W. Taylor 2/R Welsh Fusiliers

Hope this helps (if you picked it up in Dublin then Murphy would be a fair bet)


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What kind of shape is Granny in? I don't actually have a RGA medal to the Honk Kong and Singapore Battalion, who I assume you know were Sikhs, not Chinese, but I am shy a grandmother, so... maybe we can talk. :cheeky:

Well cremated, the phrase to sell ones Grandmother means you would do anything to get it and yes I do know the HKSA were Sikhs, I have a George V LSGC to a member of that unit, that DCM however is something else.


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I got the reference - used here too - but was, as we colonials say 'yanking your chain'. Sort of like pulling your leg but from a safer distance! :cheeky:

I figured you knew the s & HK were Sikhs but thought some of the other gora log might not. ;) I envy you the LSGC. In fact, I envy anybody who has the funds to buy medals. I sold mine for various good reasons - needed good binocs and a scope for birding, had a mortgage and 3 kids and so on. Didn't really miss them for years, but now when I see the DNW catalogue I drool again.

Happy Holidays.


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