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1903 Navy Good Conduct medal with 2 bars

army historian

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I probably paid way too much for this medal (but I always wanted an early NGC). This 1903 NGC with two bar to John Francis Flynn CMAA (1866-1917).

Medal engraved "C.S.C. / No.12161 / JOHN / F. FLYNN / U.S.S. / HULL / SEPT. 11-1903." With bars CONSTELLATION (pinback with open catch type from 1908) and SALEM (snap back hinged type from 1912). Had to enlist no later than Sept. 1899 (possibly earlier - was 32 in 1899). born Sept 1866.

The U.S.S. Hull was DD-7, a Bainbridge Class destroyer commissioned in May of 1903. Flynn was almost certainly a plank owner as part of the original crew. "The "Constellation," is an 1854 sail sloop of war (last built), was at the time Flynn was aboard, a training ship at Newport, Rhode Island. The "Salem," CL-3, was a scout cruiser from 1908 until 1921.

I know of 4 ships he served on:

1900 USS Sylph, US Naval Forces, Military and Naval Forces (this was a Presidential yacht from the late 19th century through to the early 1920s PY-5.

1903 USS Hull (DD-7)

c. 1908 USS Constellation Sail Sloop (Training Ship)

1910 USS Salem (CL-3), Scout Cruiser No. 3 - commissioned 1 August 1908.

Died 28 Nov. 1917 (WW1) in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire as Chief Master at Arms. Last enlistment date 13 Jan. 1916. Age at death 51. Died on duty - but at home.

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Thanks, he was on the Hull about (commissioning 1903) to some time before 1908. So I am not sure yet - I have not ordered his records from the US National Archives yet, Cost $70.00. Yes he was entitle to the World War 1 Victory Medal (No bar). I like the bar to the USS Constellation (ship of 1854) still around and on display today. George

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