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Hello, Can anyone please help identify these two badges? I suspect that the one on the left is Canadian to to the Maple Leaf that is on it. The one on the the right I'm guess is some sort of naval aviation badge, but due to the lack of a crown I assume that it is not from the UK or the common wealth.
Both badge have clutch back fasteners and the one on the right is marked "Balfour".

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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They are both Canadian command badges.

On the left is the badge for "Air Command" of the Canadian armed forces, we jokingly referred to it as "chicken in a basket"... Not been worn since 1986.

On the right is "Maritime Command" also of the Canadian armed forces.

When the CF had a single green uniform for all services (yuck!), the "Air Command" badge meant you worked for the air force, the "Maritime Command" meant you worked for the navy...

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