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Luftwaffe winter cap ( fallschirmjäger) review

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Cap looks generally OK but this is the first winter cap I have seen with a metal (breast) eagle blackened and attached to the front. Usually they are bullion stitched eagles and swastika.

I would treat with caution until you can get that eagle authenticated - Is there any makers mark such as a large 'A' for Assman on the reverse of the eagle ?

If all 100% vintage WW2 these caps seem to sell in England for anything between £3-500 depending on provenance, history and markings.


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To my knowledge, these sheepskin caps (and other identical clothes, such as jackets, mittens, body warmers etc.) are not produced per official pattern.

That makes it hard to tell if they are genuine; for wat is the standard for genuine?

It looks allright, compared to the Swedish Army sheepskin caps which turn up, with a German eagle attached and sold for real money...

You must realise that all this non-issue winter clothing cannot be verified from dress-regulations or official guidelines.

Also to the making of the eagle there is no guide line, in practice anything may be used, from cloth breast eagle to metal eagle, but more likely, no eagle. The hazard on the Eastern front was to be shot by friendly fire, so that was a reason for wearing an eagle... no matter what kind or material. No one realy mattered about badges and dress regulations, in a world dominated by cold and severe surviving. This is so hard to comprehand by modern collectors.

Even photos are no evidence, because they show a picture of a German soldier in a sheepskin gown, jacket, or hat... and nothing more.

There fore I cannot give any advice on price or authenticity....

Also, any boosting or quotations as Fallschirmjäger or other elite units makes me super suspicious...

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