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Orders of the Precious Crown from Collection of DavidS

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It`s time to give a proper treatment for these beauties! :rolleyes:

Many thanks David for making these exellent scans and sharing them with us! :beer:

Order of Precious Crown



宝 - Precious/Treasured

冠 - Crown

章 - Order

Interesting, that by some (unknown to me) reason Peterson translated 宝冠章 as Order of Sacred (?!) Crown.

As far as I understand as adjective 宝 = precious, revered, treasured and as noun 宝 = brilliant, jewel, precious stone, sapphire, treasure. No "sacred" in sight ...

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Typical enamel damage ;)

"Typical" for order that was actually worn!

And when we are talking about 2nd class we are talking about

a) Queens Regnant (they got their Crowns on their 15th birthdays)

b) Imperial princesses (they got their Crowns on the day of their wedding ceremonies)

c) Diet members

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Ho-o/鳳凰 Birdie

a.k.a. Hō-ō, Hou-ou, or Hoo-oo and in China as Fèng Huáng/Feng Huang

In Moscow we call them Феникс/Phoenix :whistle:

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Another birdie!

Could be famous Yatagarasu/八咫烏

A.k.a. eight-span crow

A.k.a. three-legged crow

We don`t have these (at least currently) in Moscow :whistle:

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Predestination of these babies - chests of artists, poets, actresses, singers and high-ranking ladies from educational system.



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    • I've been going through and rediscovering pieces in my collection.  I have also been helping my kids put together Legos.  This is the latest set.
    • Those are great thanks for adding them. Regards Brian  
    • Excellent Brian. A couple from the net:
    • I started to collect when I was a young boy when I was shown army cap badges from my grandfather who served in the second world war in the home guard. I brought a few cap badges from markets and shops, but then just went away from it as had too many other distractions as a lad. My other grandfather served in the Gordon's in the great war and I loved and was proud when seeing him wearing his medals, as well my father served in the RAF during the second world war, I have also served so that's mayb
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