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Can anyone ID this medal/badge


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Hi everyone,

I found this Chinese medal or badge a couple of days ago in a shop. Im thinking of buying this piece, but I really dont know which order this is. The first six upper characters (from right to left) mean `the president of the Republic of China`, so I think this is some kind of a presidential badge. The reason I didnt buy it yet, is because I dont know if it is a real one. On eBay I found two medals that are almost the same as this one, except those medals have characters on the backside of the medal.



Unfortunately I only have two pictures from the front side, but I can describe the backside. It has the number `018` on it and there´s a large pin. There are no chinese characters or anything else on the backside.

Because there are no characters, is this medal/badge a real one?

I really hope you can help me out!

Thanks a lot!

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