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Poland Partisan Cross - Krzyz Partyzancki

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Too much fake light on the cross to determine if it's genuine. Tons of obsolete crosses were sold by the National Mint to collectors, so it's only worth anything with an award document.

Best regards Aahauge

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This is the Partisan Cross of the third type, for awarding members of the Home Army. The first type of cross was made by Grabsky's company from 1945 to 1951, about 12 thousand crosses with a small eagle head and a low dense font. Then there were crosses with rounded edges of the ear and from 1990-with sharp edges of the ear. According to the calculations of researchers on the topic of the Polish Partisan cross, during the years of people's power in Poland from 1945 to 1989, 76664 Partisan crosses were issued, and then the anti-people authorities awarded these crosses to "wrong" partisans who collaborated with the British administration:

1990-1,862 people,
1991-723 people,
1992-1,140 people,
1993-1,325 people,
1994-1,658 people,
1995-5,267 people,
1996-2,167 people,
1997-939 people,
1998-975 people,
1999-1,330 people,

In total-17,386 people, and in total with the" people's partisans " 94050 people.

According to the Bureau of State Awards of the Office of the State Council and the Bureau of Awards of the Administration of the Polish President, 75,374 crosses were given until 1987, and then an additional 18,651 crosses – 94,025 in total.

In principle, the error of the discrepancy between the two statistics is small - 25 crosses per 94 thousand... not even a penny, a trifle.

The war had been over for 50 years, and the heroic Polish partisans were still coming out of the woods and lining up to receive the award.

As with the Grunwald Sign, new participants in the struggle appeared, and the further away from the war, the more they became.

Партизан 1.jpg

партизан 2.jpg

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