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Poland Cross of Valor - Krzyż Walecznych - WW2 Exile Version

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Originally instituted in 1920 for the Polish-Soviet War, the interwar versions have "1920" on the obverse and are numbered on the reverse. In 1940, the Polish Government in Exile - London, reintroduced the award, for members of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. In 1944, the communist government put in place by the Red Army in Poland also started awarding the Cross of Valor; these versions are dated "1944" on the obverse.

My piece is a WW2 Exile government version, produced by Spinks in England (dot above the sword tip). Also has a period silk ribbon in the colors of the exile government.

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Nice looking award and interesting history about it.



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My late father, was an RAF(VR) Air Gunner attached to 34 Squadron, South African Air Force and had a walk on' part in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944


During the 1970's/'80's he joined a group of Warsaw Vets which became known as the 'Warsaw '44 Club', this group had links to Polish Air Force veterans connected to the 'Polish Government in Exile - This Group arranged for 'Warsaw '44' members to receive the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) Cross.  This commemorative Cross was instituted in 1966 by the Polish Government in Exile. see http://home.golden.net/~medals/akpw.JPG

A short time later the Polish Government in Warsaw introduced 'Warsaw Uprising Cross' see 


and this was distributed to Allied aircrew who had participated tn the Warsaw Airlift, my Dad received his in a Medal Ceremony at the Polish Embassy in 1986


In December 1989, via Polish Exile sources he received through the post (!!!) a Polish Cross of Valor as described above (minus the Spink 'dot') and a 'roneograhed (???)' certificate dated 11 November 1989 signed by a Ryszard Kaczorowski and Jerzy P. Morawicz - President and Minister of Defence of the (last) Polish Government in Exile

PZULBA - Out of Africa (Retired)

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