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Entlassungsschein (Discharge Papers) Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr.8

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Hello Rick.

It gives particulars such as

- reason for discharge ( here denobisation),

- discharged to lovale and date,

:- clothing issued,

- travel money,

- discharge money,

I am unsure of contents of the reverse which shows a 1919 date.

Was with munitions transport unit, not a safe occupation ( if there was one atall)

Bernhard H. Holst

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I did a transcription and translation in a WORD document but I cannot cut and paste the information into this response. Discouraging. Any idea why this is the case?


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So, here it is (by arb):

Entlassungschein (discharge certificate)

Dienstgrad (Rank) Fahrer (driver)
Vor u. ??Name (first and family name) Johannes Weis
Feldformation (field unit): see stamp
Zuständige Ers. Formation (responsible depot formation); Ers. Batl. d. Fußart. R. 8
Geburtsort u. Geburtstag (birthplace and date): Frohnhausen Kr. Biedenkopf am 26.10.95
entlassen nach (discharged to): Frohnhausen, Kr. Biedenkops, Bez, Komdo Marburg am 19.12.1918

Bemerkungen (remarks); Infolge Demobilmachung aus dem Heeresdiesnte entlassen. (discharged from military service due to demobilization)
mitgegebene Bekleidungen usw. Mütze ein Marschanzug (clothing received- cap and „march suit“)

?? fünfzehn Mark Marschgeld erhalten (15 Marks travel costs received)
??Fünfzig Mark Entlassungsgeld erhalten (50 marks discharge money received)

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