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On the Issue of Dating Higher Classes of Golden Kites by their Screws (once again...)


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As we already know this famous naïve basic rule

"The basic rule can be summarised as the closer the rivets, the older the piece"

Isn`t working in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th classes.

Moreover - pieces from Showa epoch have centered rivets.

Pieces with less centured rivets are typical for ealier pieces that came from Meiji and (possibly) Taisho epoch.

Really interesting question will be: is it possible that the very same manufacturer made pieces with centered and scattered rivets?

Let`s see ;)

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I'm very interested, just no money to supply specimens with which to do so! :blush:

Absolutely fascinating subject though. Dating and origins are extremely important in my opinion. Why couldn't they simply stamp dates and makers on ALL of these? (I know, where's the "fun" in that!)

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