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Does anyone know of a source of information about their use by military forces in the field? The period I'm interested in is c1900 but help for any period would be a start.

The only reference I have come across is in Mike Chapple, The Gurkhas, London, Osprey 1994, colour plate C2, which shows a British lieutenant 4 GR with 'a megaphone on a lanyard.' but with no further explanation as to their use.

Was their use common, was it restricted to India?

Has anyone come across references to their use in the British or any othjer armies (or navies)? I am aware of large 'garrison' megaphones used to amplify bugle calls - I am looking for information about hand held instruments used in the field.


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Mike - megaphones have been in use for a long time. They were common in the Royal Navy - and I believe were

issued in WW1 to front line troops. Obviously a valuable aid where any distance is involved. I have also seen quite

recent pictures - Falklands - where they were used when passing lines between ships.

This could be an interesting subject to research and I hope Members will be able to help ? Mervyn

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Standard equipment on ships, naval and merchant marine - once voice powered, not battery operated - so seeing them used on land doesn't sound too surprising. Perhaps not quite as effective as having everyone learn 60+ whistle signals, as was common for light infantry in the 19th century, but surely far easier to use.

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