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OK, I am not sure if it is going to develop, but let's try. I am opening a new Soviet Quiz for 2014. As far as I could find, there was no quiz in 2013, so maybe this year...

Let me put forward the first question. On the photo below you can see a group of individuals who held very important military (and not only) posts in the 1980s.

1. Identify all identifiable ones (including rank and country they were from).

2. What were the highest posts they held?

And an additional question for experts:

3. Try to estimate when this photo was taken.

Enjoy and good luck!

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Hi nice picture and nice question i try to answer

Polish General and 1st President of Poland Republic Wojciech Jaruzelski

Marshal of the Soviet Union Viktor Kulikov commander of the Warsaw Pact

General of the Army of the Soviet Union Anatoly Gribkov

and in the shadow the Chief of the Romanian Army Vasile Milea

The photo was taken in Warsaw in 1986 during the meeting of the State Committee of the Warsaw Pact, December 1 to 3

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countries belonging to the Warsaw Pact were eight
(Albania Bulgaria Czechoslovakia East Germany Hungary Poland Romania Soviet Union)
the last should be DDR Colonel General Heinz Keßler
the smiling general i dont know..
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Ok, the individuals on the picture are as follows (l. to r.):

  1. General of the Army Dobry Dzhurov - Bulgarian People's Army (only half of him visible)
  2. General of the Army Heinz Kessler - National People's Army, GDR
  3. General of the Army Milán Václavík - Czechoslovak People's Army (smiling)
  4. General of the Army Wojciech Jaruzelski - Polish Army and Chief of State Council (in a suit)
  5. Colonel-General Ferenc Kárpáti - Hungarian People's Army (probably him, the face is covered; if not him, it is another Hungarian general)
  6. Colonel-General Vasile Milea - Romanian People's Army
  7. Marshal of the Soviet Union Viktor Kulikov - Soviet Army
  8. General of the Army Anatoly Gribkov- Soviet Army

I think the task could be difficult. All of these individuals used to be on first pages of newspapers when they were in power and today it is even difficult to find any information about them on the Net, perhaps with the exception of Kessler, Jaruzelski Gribkov and Kulikov. Sic transit gloria mundi.

The winner is of course SergioV, please feel free to ask the next question.

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well Lukasz
I take the ball to mention the highest honor of the Soviet
The order of Victory.
A beautiful jewel of just 72mm at the top, platinum gold and silver studded with Diamonds and Rubies
to be precise 174 diamonds and synthetic rubies 5 (to have a more uniform red color , rubies are always different in nature have shades ) .
It was granted only to Generals and Marshals that have been active in the victorious battle that took part in one or more armed
and with the success of an operation on one or more sides.
After the death of a holder of this honor , decoration had to return to the state.
The medals are now kept in the Kremlin Palace in Moscow .
All orders delivered to the Soviet military leaders , as well as the badge of the Order, delivered to the Marshal Rola - Zymierski ( Polish) are kept in the Diamond Fund of Russia.
The Order is delivered to the Eisenhower Memorial Museum in Abilene, Kansas.
The Order of the Marshal Tito is exhibited at the Museum " May 25th " in Belgrade .
The Order of the Marshal Montgomery is showing the Imperial War Museum in London.
Only an order of "Victory" , which once belonged to the King of Romania Michail , is in a private collection. According to some , was sold at auction by one of the relatives of the dictator Ceausescu .
Estimated value of the order in 1945 was £ 3,750 . Estimated value of the order in 2010 ~ $ 5,000,000
In his story , he was given only twenty times in thirteen personality ( plus five foreign leaders ) , with only one case of revocation.
but come to us and to the questions of Soviet Quiz
- Since you like old photos would be nice to see a picture of each personality honored with the Order of Victory.
- I would like to know who and especially why? the order is revoked
- And if anyone has info on who owns in private collection the Order
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Good Paul

Brezhnev was a lover of military/civil decorations and jealous of those who owned Zukhov
that's why he was made to attribute a lot of medals, the same number of stars as a hero and one more "hero of socialist labour" to overcome Zukhov
and even the order of the victory that had no reason to be assigned because it was not a time of war
Paul well you won now it's your turn to do the next question.
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An easy one. Stalin was heavily decorated and received many awards both Soviet and other counties. He also received two Soviet republic or autonomous territory awards, one in 1922 (before he was famous), the other 1943, name them.


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I know the answer but I was hoping some one else would get it. It was taken in 1916, many years before he became famous, I believe he was also a Hero of the Soviet Union. I will give it till next Friday, if no one come up with the answer I will give it and set another question.


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